she's got a pair of black boots that kick stones

she's got black moods she calls her own

i am;
Elsa. Seventeen years, just waiting to grow up. Reclusive, naive, shy, self-conscious, happy, sad. Indescribable. Feminist, lesbian, passionate environmentalist, fangirl, writer, more than slightly insane. Pessimistic. Paradox. Contradictory. Proud Australian, Sydneysider sometimes Melburnian.
i love;
Friends, family. School, learning; science, english, history, geography. David Attenborough. Internet; fanfiction.net, livejournal, twitter. My Random Doctor Who Chat girls. Swimming, tennis, waterpolo, AFL, long walks around the harbour with dad. Australia, Sydney, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour, the street where I live, the hill up the road. The smell of summer. The sun. Warm breezes. Leaves. Singing. Holding hands, hugs. Bush walks. Sandy Point. Wilsons Promontory. The Environment. Animals; Australian animals; possums, wombats, echidnas, kangaroos, wallabies, platypuses, Tasmanian devils. Bare feet. Walking on the beach and sand beneath my toes. Bonfires. Toasting marshmallows. Closing my eyes. Imagining. The natural world.
i love;
Dollhouse, Grey's Anatomy, Rizzoli & Isles, Private Practice, Buffy, Scandal, Pushing Daisies, Better Off Ted, The L Word, Community, Skins, Doctor Who, Firefly, Doctor Who, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Glee.

Adelle DeWitt, Addison Montgomery; Olivia Williams, Kate Walsh. Arizona Robbins. Callie, Cristina, Teddy. Callie/Arizona, Mark/Addison, Addison/Izzie. Topher, Claire, Boyd. Boyd and Claire. Maura Isles. Jane/Maura. Jane Rizzoli. Ninth Doctor, Rose; platonic love. Wash and Zoe, Inara and Mal. DeWitt/Dominic. Kara Thrace. Sam/Kara. Roslin/Adama. Kaylee. River. Charlotte Charles. Epitaph One. Chuck/Sarah. Quin. Eden McCain. Ned/Chuck. Martha Jones. Molly Walker, Micah Sanders. Dawn Summers; Willow, Tara, Oz, Xander, Buffy, Faith, Kennedy, Giles. Spy in the House of Love. Dominic. Victor. Once More With Feeling. Friendship. Gen. Romance. Love. Darkness. Angst and fluff.
i do;
I write too much, not well enough.

Dollhouse; Adelle, DeWitt/Dominic, or Topher/Adelle. Rizzoli & Isles; Jane/Maura

Play around with photoshop. Icons and picspams here and there. Terrible fanvideos.

30 rock, 9th doctor, addison forbes montgomery, addison montgomery, adelle dewitt, adelle/laurence, alice brandon, alice/bella, alice/jasper, alpha, alyson hannigan, angie harmon, arizona robbins, arizona/callie, barry frost, battlestar galactica, bella swan, billie piper, books, boyd langton, boyd/claire, bsg, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, callie torres, callie/arizona, calzona, christopher eccleston, chuck, chuck/sarah, claire saunders, claire/boyd, computers, daphne, dawn summers, dewitt/dominic, dl hawkins, doctor who, dollhouse, dr. claire saunders, dr. horrible, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drabbles, drawer of inappropriate starches, echo, eden mccain, eden/mohinder, eliza dushku, elle bishop, faith/wood, fan art, fan fiction, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fanmixes, felicia day, firefly, frankie rizzoli, friends, glee, grey's anatomy, heroes, inara serra, ivy, jane rizzoli, jane/maura, jasper whitlock, jayne cobb, jessica capshaw, joss whedon, kathryn prescott, kaylee frye, kristen stewart, mal/inara, malcolm reynolds, matt parkman, matt/daphne, maura isles, mellie, merle haggard, micah sanders, miss austen regrets, molly walker, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, new moon, nikki sanders, ninth doctor, november, november/mellie, old 97's, olivia williams, photoshop, portia de rossi, private practice, reading, regina spector, rhett miller, river tam, rizzoli & isles, rizzoli/isles, romance, rose tyler, rose/10, rose/doctor, sara ramirez, sci-fi, science fiction, seattle grace, serenity, shonda rhimes, sierra, simon tam, singing, skins, spike, spike/buffy, stephenie meyer, television, the l word, tina fey, topher brink, topher/ivy, twilight, twitter, vampires, victor, vince korsack, wash washburne, wash/zoe, whedonverse, willie nelson, willow rosenberg, willow/kennedy, willow/tara, writing, xander/anya, zoe washburne, zoe/wash