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28 June 2014 @ 09:59 pm
Fanfiction Masterlist  

Fanfiction Masterlist

Doctor Who

+ Dear Diary: The Story of Rose Tyler
Daisy Laura Tyler is a 13 year old girl living in London. This is her diary about her and her sister Rose's relationship. And who is Daisy's good-looking substitute teacher Mr. Smith?
10/Rose. 20/03/08.

+ My Flower & Time Passes
Two poems.
10/Rose. 29/03/08.

+ Light Bright Eyes
Martha decides she needs answers and she goes to Rose's room to get them. But what she finds there will change a lot of her views.
Gen. 30/03/08.

+ Quiet Heart
I tried to tell you/I can only say it when were apart/About this storm inside of me/And how I miss your quiet, quiet heart. Songfic.
10/Rose. 09/04/08.

+ Five and a Half Hours
Five and a half hours after the Doctor left Rose he returns.
10/Rose. 20/04/08.

+ True Courage
Short story about Rose after the Doctor left her. It looks at what the Doctor taught her and how she copes with being away from him.
10/Rose. 20/04/08.

+ Thank You
My take on the events at Bad Wolf Bay during Journey's End. How was Rose feeling when he Doctor left her with the copy?
10.5/Rose. 02/08/08.

+ Emotion
Emotions define us. They bring fear and hurt and pain as well as happiness and love. There are times in our lives when everyone needs to be free of emotion, of feeling. But we never are. Emotions are who we are as people and without them, we would be nothing. They bring hope.
10th Doctor. 16/09/08.

+ Until the End
Lying alone in a hospital bed, praying for death to come, Donna Noble is visited by two familiar strangers and suddenly she everything comes flooding back and for a moment, she is the most important person in the world.
10/Donna. 03/10/08.

+ Why We Run
She understands him now, more than ever before. All that running she thought it for fun. Because now she knows he had been running because he didn't dare look back, couldn't see all the people who had died for him. She understands because now, she runs too.
10/Rose. 24/10/08.

+ The Big Bad Wolf
She has been following this path for awhile now. It leads her away from the safety of her home, but she barely thinks about it. She enjoys this path, full of adventure and fun. It is her life with him, the Doctor. An appropriation of Rose and the Doctor.
9/Rose. 01/12/08.

+ And So He Walked Away
He should be the one whispering love in her ear. He should be the one to hold her hand, brush his fingers across her skin. He should be the one she kisses and holds tight to her. He should have been, but he wasn't. And so he walked away.
10/Rose. 15/12/08.


+ The Lion and the Lamb
There was a lion brave and tall; There was a lamb meek and small.
Edward/Bella. Poem.

+ You're Welcome
“Thankyou,” I whispered. “For what?” she turned her head towards me. “Eternity.” She leaned forward and closed the miniscule space between us to capture my lips. “You’re welcome.” My version of how Emmett and Rosalie came together.
Emmett/Rosalie. 13/8/08.

+ New Direction
I was felt cold, which was weird because vampires don’t get cold. That’s when I noticed it. It was a heartbeat. My heartbeat to be more specific." Rosalie is given another chance to be human. Will she be able to get everything she's always wanted, needed.
Rosalie/Emmett. AU.
Completed 16/12/09.

+ Severing Ties
Written for Asian Angel07's 'Watching one die' challenge. Alice has looked over her niece her whole life, now its time to reveal herself and let her go.

+ Bonded
Jazz, your eyes have gone black!” Alice exclaimed, worry adding to her expression of pain. As I stared into her golden eyes, my anger evaporated almost completely. She smiled, "They're gold again, now."
Alice/Jasper. 06/12/08.

+ Gone
She's gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Didyme is dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. He is alone. Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone...How would it feel to have your mate taken away from you?

+ Don't Go
He's leaving her again, this time for good, and there's nothing she can do except sit back and watch him ruin both their lives.
Alice/Jasper. AU.

+ In An ABC
A small pixie-like girl stands in front of him. Before he can act, she speaks – “You’ve kept me waiting a long time,” she says. Can it be that she doesn’t want to fight him? Does that mean he can trust her? Ever the gentleman, he replies – “I’m sorry maam."

+ Come Away With Me
She's the one thing he couldn't have, and even though she's in the arms of another, he still loves her.
Emmett/Rosalie. AU.

+ Win Me Yours
He’s pouncing, bounding, leaping, reaching, clutching…only to come up empty. And she’s twisting, turning, spinning, twirling, stepping ducking…moving easily out of his grasp. It's an intricate routine they're dancing, to the tune of her soft song Alice/Jasper. 18/01/09.

+ The Way He Is
The way he is. He's her Jasper. And that's all there is to it.
Alice/Jasper. Drabble.

+ Five Day Adieu
Every day something new is placed in his locker. Caught up in his latest game, he fails to notice the clues she leaves him to show him it's her. And because of it he loses possibly the best thing that's ever happened to him.

+ In The Dark
"I need to feel." Quiet words, whispered into the dark of night. "Make me feel." Voice demanding. He obeys. He always obeys.
Edward/Bella. AU. 20/07/09.

+ That Fire Within
Every night he watches her, from the back of the auditorium, while she twirls on the stage and waits to be wanted. And every night he wishes to be the one to light her fire, and wants to be hers.
Alice/Jasper. AU. 20/07/09.

+ Again
Because once again, I had failed. Once again, I had let my family down. It’s different this time, the situation's reversed. I had not killed a human; I had let her escape. And I was going to pay the price-- Bella escapes the airport in Twilight

+ The Twilight 25
25 Twilight drabbles written to 25 different prompts


+ Missing Perfection
She was almost like a daughter to him. She reminded him so much of his own Claire; lost, confused, wanting... that he couldn't not look after her, be the father figure she needed and craved. But he lost her. And yeah, it hurt. Mr. Bennett remembers Eden.
Noah Bennett, Eden McCain. 19/01/09.

+ Striving for Eden
- Eden: 1. Adam and Eve’s garden in the Bible, the garden where Adam and Eve first lived 2. perfect place, any place seen as being perfect, highly pleasing or happy.
Eden gen. 31/01/09.

+ The 5x8
Mohinder remembers the girl he lost.
Eden/Mohinder. 21/02/09.

+ Impossible
Her hand reaches up and she brushes thick brown hair out of her eyes. “I don’t know,” she says finally, her words coming out in a whisper. “I just don’t know.” She stares at him for a moment before ducking her head and looking away. Typical.
Molly/Micah. AU. 22/03/09.

+ Guardian Angel
Eden persuades God to let her return to Earth but things don't go quite as planned and she must learn to deal with the consequences
Eden/Mohinder. AU. 06/04/09.

+ Lead Me Straight
When all you’ve ever known is hatred and monstrosity, what do you do? When, somewhere in all of this, good and evil get mixed up, what do you do? And when someone comes along, takes you hand and shows you the right path, do you take it?
Eden/Mohinder. AU. 18/04/09.

+ Mold Me
There have been many things, both big and small, in Matt Parkman’s life that have influenced the creation of the person he is today. However, there are five significant influences that stand out among the rest. These are they.
Matt gen. 30/05/09.

+ Just Once
A simple game of hide and seek turns into something more
Claude gen. 30/05/09.

+ Can't Help
Molly and Micah are on the run but stop to see someone who Molly used to call 'Dad'.
Molly/Micah. AU: Five Years Gone timeline. 28/07/09.

+ Find Your Eden
When Sarah was little, her mother used to pull her onto her lap while they sat on the sofa in front of the fire late at night and murmur to her. She would tell her to find her own Eden. So she would.
Eden gen. 07/08/09.

+ No One to Catch Me
A young Sarah Ellis visits the park and remembers when she used to fly while she falls.
Eden gen. 07/08/09.


+ Let It Burn
She remembers the day he moved from his office to his sleeping pod.
Adelle/Topher. Epitaph One. 13/09/09

+ She Cries
She's made a mistake, now she's sad, so she cries.
Adelle/Roger, Adelle/Dominic. Post-1x09. 01/10/09.

+ Topher's Diary: Do NOT Read
Topher accidentally leaves his diary on his desk. The very same diary he writes all his feelings for his assistant in. The very same assistant he orders to clean that very same desk.
Topher/Ivy. 11/12/09.

+ The Right Road Home
Somehow, they find their way back to each other. Neither of them are entirely sure how it happens. She'll say it's fate. He'll say it's coincidence. They'll both smile and say whatever it is, they're glad for it.
Priya/Anthony. 13/12/09.

+ A Discussion of the Utmost Importance
Adelle and Topher discuss the right way to fold underwear, both while high and while the world ends.
Adelle/Topher. Epitaph One. 16/12/09.

+ Listen To The Birds
Pa sits her down one day, and says, "Now, Priya, today you're going to learn how to draw."
Priya gen. 16/12/09.

+ A Different Kind of Birthday
Dominic feels bad that Topher is left alone on his birthday, so he and Adelle plan something special for the birthday boy.
Topher/Dominic. 17/12/09

+ Fall
He'd always said that if they fell, they'd fall together. He won't let her go alone.
DeWitt/Dominic. Epitaph One. 18/12/09

+ In The Dark of Night
This is not right.
DeWitt/Dominic. 25/11/09.

+ A New Beginning
Topher isn't killed by the blast in Epitaph Two, only injured. Alpha finds him--not wiped by the bomb like the others thanks to his composite event--and fixes him up, taking him back underground to the Dollhouse with the others.
Ensemble. Post- 2x13. 12/04/10.

+ This Is Not
Dominic hates his new roommate. Like, really, really hates him. But, then...maybe not.
Topher/Dominic. AU. 28/02/10.

+ I Say Love, It Is A Flower
Adelle joins Claire for her birthday.
Adelle/Claire . 05/04/10.

+ Birthday Business
Topher helps Adelle celebrate her birthday.
Topher/Adelle . 17/04/10.

+ Word of Your Body
Dominic sees something he shouldn't, and goes to Adelle about it.
DeWitt/Dominic. 25/04/10.

+ Forget
”I want to forget,” she says.
DeWitt/Dominic . 21/06/10.

+ Pictures In Your Mind
When Claire sleeps, she dreams images she does not understand.
Claire gen. 18/08/10.

+ I Will Remain
He’d had the notion, once, that he’d save her from all of this.
DeWitt/Dominic . 18/08/10.

+ Can't Stop Falling Out
He comes back to her, but that was to be expected. They aren’t finished, the two of them. There is more to their story that has yet been told and neither of them are strong enough to fight it.

+ Nightmare
Echo had asked, “Hey, Dom, why was your nightmare to do with the NSA? If that was where you worked, shouldn’t it be your safe haven instead?”
Laurence Dominic
. 05/09/10.

+ Regret
She knows there is nothing she can do to change what has happened. But now, more than ever, all she wants is to have Dominic back.
DeWitt/Dominic . 16/09/10.

+ Slow Climb
It's two months after the pulse goes off that he returns.
DeWitt/Dominic. 15/10/10.

+ Let’s See Those Better Days
They meet, years later.
DeWitt/Dominic . 23/01/11.

Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice

+ Maybe, Maybe I Got A Reason
”When are you gonna forgive me for not being a good enough lesbian for you?” Callie and Arizona during the season six final.
Callie/Arizona. 14/08/11.

+ Something To Sing About
Stages in Callie and Arizona's relationship, told through music and dance.
Callie/Arizona. 31/12/11.

+ Everything With You
And it doesn't matter that before there was Ella, who could have been her daughter, or Lucas, who was never her son, because right now there is just this: her baby, with crystal blue eyes, cradled to her chest. Addison gets her baby.
Addison. 31/12/11.


+ One Too Many Mountains
Dollhouse and Doctor Who

The Dollhouse is once again under threat from Alpha and Adelle must call in an old friend for help.
Adelle and 10 . 11/12/09.

+ Pieces of Me
Firefly and Doctor Who
River goes on a journey with the Doctor to discover distant worlds--and, ultimately, herself.
River and 10 . 20/12/09.

+ Everything Must Go
Dollhouse and Chuck
“Nothing in your life is real, Chuck,” Adelle DeWitt tells him.
Chuck/Sarah. Adelle. . 14/12/10.

Original Fiction

+ Untitled
“Dare to be different,” you say.26/04/09 .

+ Falling Deeper
Tripping, grappling, falling endlessly into the dark abyss. 13/05/09.

+ Paradoxical
I am a contradiction, a paradox of sorts. I am hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil; a mix of opposites and impossibility. 22/05/09..

+ They Dance
She's old, frail, plauged with arthritis but, her translucent blue eyes, they don't age. In them she can see the woman she used to be, and they dance. 11/06/09.

+ Exasperation
Long fingers, connected to square-like hands. 05/07/09..

+ Screaming
So she sits; serene, beautiful, peaceful; the girl everyone wants to be, looking out at the night sky, waiting for someone to save her; to listen to her scream and make her stop. 06/07/09..

+ Run to Love
Close your eyes; the wind will tell the story for you. Let it curl around you, twist your hair, caress your face. Let it ruffle your clothes and cool your skin. The familiar breeze, it’s leading you here. 29/07/09..

+ The Road
Three men. Three suits. Three hats. Three stories. 27/11/10..

+ Diner
In the crowded diner there is just this: Her, and somewhere she knows there is Him. 28/04/11.

+ You’re All I Need
Here, they will stand on a boardwalk overlooking the rolling, tempestuous ocean, and she will wrap her arms around the thin waist of the woman she's already decided she'll dedicate her life to. 14/08/11.

+ Your Hand In Mine
Your hand in mine, palm to palm, and I can feel the heat of your skin. 14/08/11.

+ In Time
The first stirrings of the music begin, cutting through the silent hall and so easily through the fragile walls she’s built around herself. 15/09/11..